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Bespoke Design

In addition to our standard product range which we sell throughout UK, Europe and now USA, we also undertake bespoke design work and product branding for our clients.  So if you’d like one of our standard products in a different colour or with your logo on it we can do this.  Or we can work with you to create exclusive product designs for your company.   

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For HRH The Prince of Wales we have developed a range of very high quality products which mirrors his interests in the organic gardening, wildlife, natural beekeeping and poultry care.

With the emergence of mini beasts on the primary school curriculum we are working with suppliers to schools to create a range of educational products such as our Educational Triangle and others such as our Minibeast Mansion available exclusively through TTS UK.

When Crocus, one of the leading online garden retailers, saw our drilled logs included in our Educational Products they requested we make a stand alone set of insect cabins just for them.

Top bar bee hive kits developed for collection from  COSTCO UK stores